Monday, September 21, 2009

Haircut Saturday

While we were all there last Saturday, Mom got out the clippers and trimmed up Isaac's hair, then turned her focus to my brudder-in-law, Brino. Talk about trusting your mother-in-law! It ended up looking pretty decent, too.

I have been cutting Rick's hair myself for well past a decade now. While we still lived in our hometown, he went to the same barber he'd always gone to since he was small. After we moved to Iowa, however, he bought some clippers and told me it was now my job. So I learned how.

I refuse to cut Martha's hair; she gets hostile if something isn't to her liking, and she seems to enjoy whacking on it herself, so why get in the way of that? The only one (besides me) who gets professional trims is Alice, because she's got such straight, thick, Asian hair -- it's very unforgiving. Even the professionals usually get it wrong; I haven't found very many folks who can do a good job on hers.

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