Saturday, April 29, 2017

Weighing all my options

This spring, I've felt strongly that I'm standing (well, sitting) at a fork in my road, that I'm somehow in a "Sign From God" point in my life.

I could continue down the road I've been on for the past decade. Plus sides: same salary, same co-workers (who I love), same daily schedule. Downsides: I would have to continue doing part of the job that I was told last year would only last for one year -- a part of the job that I'm woefully unqualified for and which caused me inordinate amounts of stress and anguish this year... and there will be a significant change-up in the people who are my superiors, whose leadership styles are a big unknown to me and who could make my life very difficult.

I will admit that I'm slightly better-equipped for the one part of the job now than I was last year. But the administrative shake-up is very unnerving.

I don't want to say more, not even here. Not right now. I'm feeling paranoid and private.

Another tine of the fork in the road is a big UNKNOWN, but it could be the realization of a dream I've had for a long time. I could quit my job and stay home and turn my art into a source of income. Pluses are obvious, I think. The big minus is that I am not good at keeping records, doing business and marketing, etc... which are of critical importance for a person starting a business. One possible plus has arisen in the past twenty-four hours, though -- I have a friend who rents booth space at several arts/crafts fairs, and she would like to split her costs and let me fill out her booth with things I'd be selling (which could be things I've made, or could even be wholesale items of my choice).

And yet another option is to work from home for a corporation. I have a couple of friends who already do this and are able to provide decent incomes for their families. The only real minus I can think of right now for this option is that I haven't actually landed a job yet. So it's not a guarantee.

I got some sage advice from a beloved co-worker on Friday which I believe I will act upon -- I will sign the contract I've been offered. This always leaves open the choice to resign if one of the other roads becomes obvious as the ONE.


Michelle said...

I feel like a creepy stalker. =) Noticed that I had not "seen" you in the usual place... so I went looking and here you are. Is this where I find you from now on? I am not cool and don't know how to used twitter/instagram/snapchat/etc.... I can email though. Wanted you to know I was thinking about/praying for you

Kris Wood said...

Thank you, Michelle. <3

Chick Voice said...

Hello old blogger friend. Just happened to check in here today as I do every once in a long while. Glad you're sorry to hear of all your physical challenges. I do think of you often, and will now know to pray for you. I walk past your red wing black bird painting many times a day, as one hangs near the door to the garage, and one right next to my back patio door. Just told a neighbor all about you this past weekend, and how I love having art that is made by someone I know. As things happen, I've been dealing with a very ill 83 year old mother since a fall January 3rd. And it's all been rough. For you to be facing all these challenges at your young age must be discouraging............but it sounds like you are facing it all with faith and bravery (though I bet it doesn't feel like that). But you will be in my daily thoughts.

Kris Wood said...

Chickie, I'm SO glad you're still "out there"... I was hoping you would be! Kind thoughts and prayers for you and your mommy.