Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Night Fashion Snark

The ever-popular fashion designer Vivienne Westwood (who loves cop-killer Leonard Peltier so much she designed a t-shirt in his honor)... isn't she lovely? Wow. Stunning.

And her quirky sense of design doesn't fail to impress us this time around, either. First it was the unbelievably hot and manly leggings in her menswear collection. Now we have... wait for it... weird hats. It's so fresh, so unexpected.

Here we have the Drum Major's Prom Dress... and then there's Mad Hatter Chic:

Here we have her take on what happened to her junior-year fashion design school projects when she accidentally left the trunk open and the moths got to them:

Below, even more Alice in Wonderland-inspired Westwood Wonderfulness... I think she took a few too many swigs from that bottle that said "Drink Me." Please... for the love of Pete... DON'T LET FRIENDS DRINK AND DESIGN. This is what you could end up sending down the runway for the whole world to see and mock:

From a designer named Scott, we have the Rock n'Roll swimsuit and cover-up cape ensemble. Sans the beehive do, if I was this shapely, I'd prolly wear a swimsuit like this. Some hot guitar player might mistake me for his Stratocaster and, well, I should probably stop right there.

Yet another addition to the Weird-Colored Fur Coat brigade, this time from Emmanuel Ungaro (appropriately acronymed EU):

Gaultier must be going through his Serial-Killin' Injun phase...

Or better yet, Miss Kitty's Saloon goes all-out for Victorian S&M chic:

And as a final tribute, Gaultier presents his fashion statement, "May the Bird of Paradise Land on Your Head."

The PETA-philes were demonstrating at the LaCroix show:

But LaCroix was one step ahead of them. You'd rather be naked than wear fur? Here you go:

I just hope they duct-taped that poor girl's girls. This looks precarious at best. What gets me is that girls wear t-shirts asking boys not to stare at their chests... but by emphasizing them, they have the opposite effect (which I'm guessing is the actual point). This outfit doesn't just emphasize them, it screams, "Watch me and see if I accidentally slip off a little bit." Sheesh. Put some clothes on, for crying out loud.

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