Saturday, March 03, 2007

A couple of views of Ardmore, Oklahoma

Here are just a few photos I snapped while in Ardmore, Oklahoma this evening. First up is a view of the Ardmore Amtrak station, complete with buffalo:

This is a view of the Bluebonnet Feeds mill and a nifty green light on the side of an old brick building:

And then there was the lunar eclipse tonight... I didn't catch it at its peak, unfortunately, because I was jammin' with The Center, but as soon as I got out I saw that the viewing conditions were incredibly ideal -- crystal-clear skies, etc., so I grabbed the camera and tried to get a decent shot. It's hard to take a picture of the moon with a little Sony Cybershot (which is all I ever use to take the pictures I put on here), but managed to get something that at least showed evidence of what I saw:

I love taking pictures. It allows me to be involved in the action I see, but without participating in it. I get to be the Invisible Observer, which is my favorite role to play. If I could get by without ever talking to anyone but being around people and listening to them, that would be awesome. I'm not anti-social, per se, I'd just rather listen than talk if it can be helped.

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