Sunday, January 14, 2007

Milan Men's Fashion Week

Can someone please send Vivienne Westwood back to the rock she crawled out from under? The crap she marched out onto the runway this week at the Milan Men's Fashion Week is laughable at best, and idiotic at least. UPDATE: The Manolo, he appears to agree with my conclusion.

Here we have a lovely little ensemble. The guy's wearing leggings -- LEGGINGS -- and a tunic with a brown eagle and the words "LEONARD PELTIER IS INNOCENT" emblazoned across it. Does she even know who Leonard Peltier is? In case you weren't aware, he's a cop-killer wrapping himself in a shroud of First-Nations mystique, appealing to the conspiracy-heads and anarchist wackos all over the world in an attempt to have himself freed. He slaughtered a couple of FBI agents and then claimed it was in self-defense. Madame Westwood, you're not winning any points with me so far. Let's see if you can redeem yourself...

Hmmm... yeah, I can see how somebody in a burnt-orange cowboy hat might also choose to wear a purple crocheted ruffly sweater. Did anyone mention his left boot is untied? But I digress. (Apologies to Prochein Amy, whom I love dearly)

Hard to say what this is. He's either wearing a Mongolian sweater with a second sweater dangling upside-down as an apron, or it's a new kind of clothing that's reversible in every direction including vertically. No, Madame Westwood, your "fashion" is crap. Appears you agree with me, too:

But let's disinfect our retinas with some Versace:

Strikingly handsome. Donatella frightens me when I see photographs of her, but I have to hand it to her -- she puts out some very nice stuff. Burberry also had some very yummy offerings on the runway, like this one:

Something about that just screams "Mr. Darcy Visits Kiev" to me. Very hot. I could've lived without the Dolce & Gabbana "Jetsons" lineup, however:

Hmm. Not so much. Looks remarkably like Jiffy-Pop. Not a mental association they were aiming for, I reckon, but there it is.

Wow, that didn't take long. I'm already receiving hate-mail from the FreePeltier crowd. Heh. If you're curious, you can read about it here. If you disagree, whatever. It's your right.

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