Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Runway lunacy

First up, we have a sampling of Tisci.

Just a sampling will do. We're not entirely certain that it's an edible mushroom, so be careful.

Another oddity from Tisci:

I'm afraid they let the model out before checking to see that she was able to button the vest properly.

In the Chakra collection, it appears they've taken a cue from Baby Sally's wardrobe:

Unfortunately, Chakra's vision includes Baby Sally being assimilated by the Borg collective and then having her girls melted in a failed attempt to surgically transform her into Seven of Nine. The Emergency Medical Holographic Program initialized his Rogaine chip and entered society as a fashion designer.

Continuing with our Trekkish theme, Bulgarian designers Stoianova & Samouilov bring us the waitress costume from Telandria-Three. I'm always more impressed when the designers put those little unexpected touches of authenticity; the Telandrians consider live birds and scrolls to be a luxurious delicacy.

The Bulgarians strike out, I'm afraid, with their Nokia Nightie. The glow from all the cellphone viewscreens would keep me awake.

Galliano probably deserves his very own post, just because his collections invariably startle and unnerve me. First up, the Neapolitan Sherbet with puffed sleeves:

Remember when your little brother used to twist your Barbie's head backwards and put her arms the wrong way?

Of course it wasn't my little brother, since I didn't have one, but I seem to recall my cousin Matt doing some vile things to The Sunshine Family when his sister Heather and I weren't looking.

There's no accounting for the lengths some designers will go for their art. Galliano hired Mr. Miyagi to start working on this Bonsai Babe when she was only six months old, and look at her now:

Once he was inspired when a member of the Cirque du Soleil troupe crashed through his patio doors in a drunken stupor, becoming hopelessly entangled in the lime-green vertical blinds and finally diving headfirst into a rattan barstool.

Finally, Galliano wanted to show us the result of his six months of intensive origami workouts (interspersed between sea-salt leg scrubs and lemon daiquiris, of course):

I think he might want to stay away from the sake, however. This looks like something he hallucinated after reading Memoirs of a Geisha.

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