Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bathroom humor

Met my Aunty Ada at Braum's in Ardmore last night because her youngest son, my 14-year-old cousin Daniel, was going to go with me and my art students to the Amon Carter museum in Fort Worth today and we needed a place to meet and hand-off. We love Braum's burgers and ice cream, so it was a logical choice.

After our marvelous repast, I excused myself to the restroom and closed the stall. I then suddenly realized that the feet going past the other side of the stall door were decidedly masculine in nature. HORRORS! I realized I had just entered the wrong restroom and I was now trapped inside. I patiently waited for the other occupants to exit, but as soon as one would leave, another would enter. I had no recourse.

I texted my cousin out in the restaurant: "Pls help me! I came into the wrong bathroom and now I am trapped!" Then I waited quietly, hoping everyone would PLEASE LEAVE and let me exit gracefully.

Finally my cousin and my son came in and waited for the other man to leave. After he did, Isaac said, "Mom?"

"I'm here," I said. "Is it safe to leave?"


I exited as quickly and quietly as I could. Aunty Ada and Unka were shaking with laughter at the table. As was I.

Life's always entertaining.

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