Thursday, January 28, 2010

To the oars!

The rain continues to come down in waves, accompanied by the occasional thunderclap (which seems odd for January, but I suppose anything's possible). It's a cold, copious rain and it isn't accompanied by the lovely rain smell that I adore so much because it's just too darn cold out. Rick took his suitcase to work with him, because they may close down the Red River bridge if it ices over, and he'll be stuck at the casino hotel. Poor baby.

In more jubilant news, I made my first Etsy sales today. Yippeeee!!! I ain't quittin' my day job yet, of course, but if I could supplement the income this way, I wouldn't be forced to go get a third job to overcome the deficit left behind by his long period of unemployment. I would so much rather make money doing something I *love* doing, like making these cards, than by flipping burgers down at the convenience store on the interstate (which I *will* do if I need to -- nothing wrong with honest employment).

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