Thursday, June 11, 2009

[fingers crossed]

I think... let me emphasize think... that my troublesome physical travails of late may have subsided. I hadn't spoken of it, for several reasons. First, it's a yucky and gross problem to have, and one that's a little embarrassing to write AND read about. Second, I sincerely doubt that the majority of my blog visitors want to read detailed information about my health. Sometimes I blog about it in detail, but as often as not it's because I want a dated record of when I had a particular problem because I need documentation.

Any-whooo, it's all "butt" gone, and none too soon. I will never EVER again chuckle at someone suffering from this condition. It's misery, no two ways about it. Unspeakable, undignified, ugly misery with little to no relief available other than time.

I'm still supposed to go back and visit the doc next week, which I will do, but I have a feeling she won't have to do another IRC treatment. I hope not, anyway. I'd just as soon be completely done with this whole source of irritation.

And I hope I haven't jinxed my recovery by talking about it. Yeah, I know -- I don't believe in that jinxing stuff, but all the same, I am REALLY REALLY hoping things don't flare back up again. I am pretty sure I can't take it.

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