Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

Raindrops on an iris leaf in my backyard. Today was a very rainy, dreary, lovely day. We need the rain here at our house (even though just a few miles north of us they got eleven inches in one day last week). Everything here has suddenly become lush and verdant, like a tropical rainforest... except not as warm. I'm beginning to wonder if this really is Texas, because it's still cold in May. I was used to that sort of thing in Des Moines, but down here? It usually starts getting hot around April Fool's Day, if not before. I do NOT like the unseasonably cool stuff.

But I'll stop complaining. The mom of one of my students just recently finished getting her massage therapist certification and only charges $25 for a one-hour Swedish. I got one yesterday afternoon and I'm already feeling waaaay better. I signed up for another one next Monday; I'm hoping we can get the kinks worked out and my inflammation will subside.

I'm also taking a bioflavonoid supplement as well as a resveratrol supplement. Between all of these things I'm really praying for some relief.

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