Friday, June 12, 2009

I found my prom pictures

I got invited to the prom my freshman year by a good friend (who I'm pretty sure was gay, but that's probably why we got along so well). His name was Steve.

I never found one for my sophomore year, so I guess I didn't get invited that year. I had dated one guy until about Christmas during that school year, so I was probably still in deep mourning over having broken it off.

I went to prom my junior year with a guy whose name, ironically, was Chris Wood (which is now MY name, but at the time my name was Kris YOUNG, so we just thought it was funny that we were "Chris 'n Kris"). He was a really nice, decent, geeky guy back then. I wonder whatever happened to him.

My senior year I had moved to another town about 25 miles south and across the Red River into Texas, but I was still good friends with Chris, so he came to my prom that year too:

Looks like he'd spent that year working on his mullet. He really was a gentleman... very smart, rather odd, but nice nonetheless.

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