Saturday, May 30, 2009

A nice diversion for a Saturday

My pal Joy, who lives in Minnesota, was traveling to Texas for a reunion with some of her college buddies, but she also wanted to see me (yay!), so I got to pick her up at the airport and spend the afternoon with her. I needed to get something nice to wear to tomorrow's baccalaureate service, so we went shopping. I had never been to the Stonebriar Center Mall over in Frisco and wanted to see what the fuss was -- wow, it's nice!

We ate lunch at a little Japanese place and I had a lovely plate of sashimi... very delicate-tasting. I also had some hibachi scallops, which were perfectly done and not the least bit rubbery.

I realize that Texas RoadHouse is a national chain these days, but we wanted to make her husband jealous, so we stopped there and I set up the little gorillapod with the camera on the hood of my van.

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