Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday driver

I went on a wildflower photography junket this afternoon after attending the baccalaureate service for North Ruralville (where I taught two years ago). The wildflowers have taken over with abandon, and there were so many lovely ones to show you!

This is one of my favorites. It goes by "horsemint", "beebalm", and "lemonbalm" most often. The scientific name is Monarda citriodora and the plant contains Thymol (which apparently is used in some mouthwashes). I do know that it is very aromatic when crushed or brushed.

The prickly pear cacti are blooming right now, too.

The sunflowers were well over a foot taller than me!

The Indian Paintbrush is still blooming profusely.

The Butterfly Weed was literally covered with butterflies, including this Common Buckeye.

Prairie Verbena... lovely!

Check back here tomorrow for some more very interesting photos I took today.

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