Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm sorry...

Ever notice that when you're watching some show with Canadians, they pronounce the word "sorry" as "SORE-ee" instead of the US version which sounds like "SAH-ree"? It's even more of a dead giveaway than the ubiquitous "eh." Most professional actors get the "eh" trained out of them, but the SORE-ee is kind-of stuck.

Well, apparently now lots of Canadians can say that they're SORE-ee without fear of legal repercussions...

Ontario to make it easier to apologize for mistakes
TORONTO - It will soon be easier to say you're sorry in Ontario.

The government plans to adopt an act that will allow everyone to apologize without having to worry about being sued. Sources say Attorney General Chris Bentley and Health Minister David Caplan will on Tuesday announce the adoption of the Apology Act, initially introduced by Liberal backbencher David Orazietti.

Orazietti tabled his private member's bill last April, saying he hoped to encourage more people to offer sincere regrets for their mistakes.

The bill would allow doctors, nurses and police to apologize for their errors without worrying about whether their statements will be used against them in civil court.

While the law would apply to all Ontario residents, it's expected to have a special significance in health care, since professionals are generally advised to not apologize for fear those statements would be used against them in court.

British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have similar apology laws, as do 35 U.S. states.

Bentley has said he wanted to look into the ramifications of adopting the legislation, and both opposition parties have said they like the idea.

The Canadian Press, 2008
You know, it has never occurred to me that a nurse might actually APOLOGIZE for taking six tries to put in an IV needle... but they never do, do they? I wouldn't sue them, but it would be nice to hear an "Oh geez, I am so sorry, I know that hurts."

Instead they keep smacking your arm to "bring up the vein", leaving it red and inflamed, or they wiggle the needle around in there hoping to strike oil or something.

I'm still going to sing the praises of the folks at North Texas Hospital who absolutely were the BOMB. I was dreading surgery and fearing the worst, having experienced the truly awful in the past... but was pleasantly surprised by the posh treatment and the kind, attentive care I received there. That's where I'll go from now on, whether it's an ER visit or a scheduled procedure.

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