Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Door decorating contest

2007 Christmas door decorating contest winners!

At school this week, they're having a door decorating contest for Christmas. My entry is a Snowboarding Santa, with the caption, "Catch some big air this Christmas!"

Each teacher's third period class was slated to help put the door together, and the winning door would garner a pizza party for that class. I was quite pleased with their work on the lettering:

Here's a closeup of the Santa:

I can't claim credit for the idea, however. I did want to do a snowboarding Santa, but I then found this image at TriSanta and loved it, so I "borrowed" it and modified it for the classroom door.

I'll let you know if we win.

UPDATE: We did!!! Yippeee!!! Even my principal told me that he really liked my door. Phew... I've been angling for some kind of positive feedback from him all semester. I needed that.

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TeachHUB said...


I'd love to feature your Snowboarding Santa door on our December Bulletin Board article this week on www.TeachHUB.com - a K-12 resource site for teachers.

Let me know if it's alright with you that we post the photo with a link back to your blog. You can email me at acondron@teachhub.com