Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We Won!

The door-decorating contest, that is. I went back to my classroom this evening to prepare a few things for my sub tomorrow, and the bright blue piece of paper marked "1st Place" was taped to my door. Yay!!

I'm almost sorry I won't be there tomorrow to celebrate with my freshmen; they are going to be so jazzed about getting a pizza party. I hope it elevates their level of trust in me... sort of a Snoop Dogg "That puts you at one notch" kind of moment.

(That's a reference to a line Snoop Dogg had in the movie remake of Starsky & Hutch, by the way, in case I'm being too ambiguous for most of the sane world.)

My third period freshmen have tried my patience to its limit on a number of occasions, and if I had to choose one of my classes which DESERVES a pizza party, they'd probably be last or next-to-last. But that's okay. It's good for *my* soul to shower good things on undeserving people. Reminds me of how God treats me.

Oh, and the reason I've got a sub tomorrow? I get to go to a regional teacher's meeting concerning the TAKS test, which is the Texas exam they give to schoolkids every year. Since I know nothing at all about the Texas version of this, I got picked to attend. Yippee! You all know how much I adore meetings, of course.

I'm toting my laptop with me to take notes, since I type far faster than I can handwrite -- for that matter, I can almost type faster than I can think. Comes from working nights for the post office transcribing illegible addresses on the front of envelopes... lightning keyboard dexterity, etc... Anyway, maybe the building where the meeting will be held will have free wi-fi capability and I'll be able to log on. Perhaps even blog. Who knows?

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