Friday, June 05, 2015

Almost over

Tonight is GRADUATION NIGHT. [festive utterances] Assuming all my cameras function properly, I'll have what I need to submit the yearbook for publication this weekend. That's one pile of work almost completely cleared.

Not only do I take the pictures for graduation, I play the processional and recessional. And this year, I'm also accompanying my choir, who will be performing "Turn, Turn, Turn" during the ceremony.

But the biggest load hanging over my head right now, my source of procrastinatory stress, is my art classroom. I have to sort it and pack it all into the closets and take home important stuff, because they're stripping all the floors and re-finishing them, and because there will be a ton of construction going on. The high school part of construction won't be anywhere near done at the end of summer, so I won't be moving into another classroom as I'd hoped. But when are construction completion estimates ever really accurate? Especially when the entire month of May was a complete wash -- literally -- we got almost THIRTY INCHES OF RAIN during this May.

At any rate, because the task is an overwhelming one, I am blogging at my desk rather than cleaning the room. This is my modus operandi.

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