Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Freedom Feels Fantastic

The yearbook is DONE. My classroom is DONE. And tomorrow? Tomorrow morning at about 6am I will board a jet plane and head to Sacramento, CA, to go on one of my insane blogger jaunts. I'm meeting Libby there, and the two of us will road-trip from Sacramento to Pullman, WA, to visit the former blogger CalTechGirl and our pal Margi. On the way up, we're going to stop in various locations to do crazy things and take pictures with our phones using my selfie stick.

Have I mentioned that I've never met any of these people other than online?

But I have a pretty sound track record for these sorts of trips. Last summer I spent a month at Pereiraville (another blog) in Orlando, FL, taking care of their menagerie while they vacationed in Alaska. I've been traveling to meet online friends since 1998, and I've never had a bad experience.

I'll post pictures of my lunacy here during the next few days.

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Omnibabe said...

Have a wonderful time, and pass my greetings on to the gang!