Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two legs good! Eight legs bad!

There was a tarantula in my classroom this morning when I got to school.


I regularly kill brown recluse spiders in my classroom. That, I can understand. They like the indoors and they like hidey-hole spots like crevices between skeins of yarn in my art supply closet.

But a TARANTULA!???!??!? They like being OUTSIDE. They're more like animals than bugs... they live outside and do their, well, their predator-thing out there. Why, for the love of Pete, would there be one INSIDE MY CLASSROOM?

Can tarantulas be rabid? I don't suppose so... but I can't imagine why else there would be one inside. I don't actually mind tarantulas when they're outside. I give them wide berth and I don't mess with them, and they don't mess with me. They're pretty common here, really, and they kill and eat big bugs and small birds and things I don't care about, so I'm happy to let them do their thing in peace.


No, I didn't dispatch it myself. I let one of the boys in my first period class take care of it for me. I have a healthy respect for them, but I am absolutely not about to handle one. Even if I knew it wouldn't bite me, I just don't think I could bring myself to have it in my hand like I know a lot of people would do. Not even if it were already dead. That's just more than I can bear. It *might* resurrect.

It might!

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