Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hematologist visit

Went to see Dr. Jolanta Cichon today. I first saw her in the hospital; I must've gotten a little wide-eyed when she came into my hospital room because she was wearing a white lab coat emblazoned with a "Texas Oncology" logo... and she immediately said, "I specialize in hematology as well as oncology, and you've been referred to me for the hematology -- NOT the oncology."

She checked me over and had her lab draw some blood to check my iron level. She noted that my vitamin D level was severely low as well (from the results of the hospital testing), so she prescribed a once-a-week vitamin D supplement. She also mentioned that she often has to prescribe anti-depressants in her oncology practice, and that in her experience Prozac isn't the best choice for artistic/creative types because it can have a dulling effect on creativity. Since I'm needing a switch-out right now anyway, she prescribed Lexapro for me, and we'll give it a go to see if I do a little better on that front.

About a week or so ago I noticed that I could feel my lymph nodes in my groin. Since I've gotten to a much lower percentage of body fat, I wasn't sure whether what I was feeling was something that had always been there or that was completely normal, so I thought I'd ask Dr. Cichon. Since she's a cancer doc, I figured she was the best choice for checking that out. So I mentioned it to her today and she mashed around on it for a while. She didn't think it felt like a lymph node to her; the shape was wrong. She was apparently concerned enough that she ordered a pelvic MRI to try to determine what that weird knot is. I'll be going in for one of those in the next few days, probably.

If it isn't one thing, it's another.

Next Monday is my visit with the GI doc.

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