Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Yeah, that's probably me. I'm now also going to oversee the middle school cheer squad as well as the two high school squads.


It made sense, actually, and it does mean a few extra $$. I've been going to many of those games anyway, and now I won't have to use my own gas to do it. And I'll get lots of yearbook pictures.

I figured I might as well just do it. Hey, it means they're hiring me back next year. And to seal that deal, I signed my contract today for 2010-2011. That always makes me happy.

The busier I get, the less chance there is for me to get into trouble.

I am hoping that Rick's work schedule might change by this fall and put him at home on Thursday and Friday evenings... it would make life easier if I didn't also have to worry about what to do with my own kids during football games. Martha can't be trusted to stay home without an adult EVER, and she can't be trusted to come along, either. The other two don't really need to be home by themselves at bedtime, even though they can manage for brief periods otherwise. We shall see how the Lord works that situation out.

This week at school is one of the big standardized testing weeks. I wish the kids didn't have to suffer through this mess. I can see requiring them for kids who intend to go on to college, but we have several kids who aren't special-ed kids but who have absolutely no intention to attend college. They're the ones who (years ago) used to head to vocational training after high school or who already work on their farm/ranch and intend to continue doing so. I think that we've cheapened a college education to the point of it being just a little extension of high school... when we push everybody to go to college, then a college degree isn't worth as much. Anyway, making some of these kids jump through the standardized-test hoop is frustrating and pointless. It's not that they can't pass it with some serious pushing -- it's that there is no real lasting educational purpose in doing so. Why not focus their educational experience on things that they will be able to use once they get out?

[stepping off soapbox]

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