Sunday, March 07, 2010

Viva Galliano!

I love-love-love John Galliano's Fall 2010 collection. The shapes, the colors (or lack thereof), the textures -- pure artistry and awesomeness. AND APPROACHABLENESS. Is that a word? I don't know. If not, I just made it up because it fits here. I may not be able to buy any of Galliano's pieces, but I can easily approximate this look.

I am especially fond of the little orange number. I don't wear orange, nor do I really even allow orange in my home (see "OU Sooners Fan" and "red-head"), so I'd probably want to veer toward the greenish or goldish instead of the orange, but the collar? LOVE IT. The length? The fabric texture and the nifty henna-tattooish trim? Awesome. I love that it's paired with gray leggings.

Some of the pieces are definitely more sumptious than I'd probably wear -- think "My Fair Lady" vibe, almost, especially in that first top-row left-side number -- but gorgeousness and richness abound.

Galliano is often known for being a bit, er, outrageous in his collections, but I didn't get that at all in this. Sure, the hats were goofy, but they weren't really part of the collection, so I hardly noticed them at all. Bravo, Galliano. Me likee.

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