Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscar winners

No, not the actual winners of the statuettes... I'm talking about the dresses I liked best.

Yeah, I'm doing a lot of fashion-blogging lately. Deal widdit. I'll be done soon and go back to catblogging and kidblogging and schoolblogging and foodblogging.

Anyhoo, where was I?

Oh, yeah. The Oscars dresses that I liked best.

First up: Mariska Hargitay. The "in" color of the year was nude, beige, pale flesh-tone... and she fearlessly rocked the red carpet in this sumptuous navy number from Vera Wang:

Definitely befitting the daughter of the shapely buxom Jayne Mansfield... what a rich color, and so different than most of the others. I like. I wish MH would've put on a bolder lipstick, but that's minor quibbling. At least she didn't look orangey-spray-tanned like Sarah Jessica Parker. [shudder]

Rachel McAdams' watercolory fantasy-dress by Elie Saab was a floaty dream. I love the criss-cross bodice:

Amanda Seyfried's pale-pale-pale-green textural paradise from Giorgio Armani Prive was spectacular:

Anna Kendrick wore the pale-pink-nude popular color to great success, although I am not thrilled with the chunky platforms she chose to go along with the tremendously beautiful dress by Elie Saab:

I think that the lovely split up the front (with the delicious lacy doily edging -- nice!) would've been accented better by some sparkly gold or blingy stilettos. The platform heels just look awkward, in my opinion.

She's not my favorite actress ever, but Cameron Diaz was particularly stunning in this Oscar de la Renta strapless sparklefest:

Sandra Bullock was nothing short of stunning in this lacy column number by Marchesa (although I am NOT a fan of the asymmetrical sleeve thing, I think she pulled it off well by pairing it with asymmetrical hair):

But my favorite just might be what Demi Moore wore, by Atelier Versace:

She looks like a Grecian sculpture in a French Rococo painting. Absolutely lovely, and it's the embodiment of the nude/peach/fleshtone color of the season as well. It just isn't fair that she can rock such an amazing figure in her forties. The dress doesn't look too "young" on her, but isn't the matronly thing that other older actresses sport, either. The bodice is fresh and interesting without being a distraction. The ruffly off-center rose accentuates her amazing waist and hip-line (something I have never and will never have -- I've always been rather triangular, larger on top than on bottom, and no waist or butt). The diagonal way the fabric drapes is just perfect.

Yes, I know -- Hollywood is full of narcissistic scum. But I believe in finding the beautiful, and when I see beautiful couture, I'm going to give it a shout-out, regardless of who's sporting it.

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