Sunday, March 07, 2010


Yeah, I get it. These runway shows aren't REALLY about showing us what we're going to be wearing in the next season. They're about putting forth an attitude, a "feel", a way of thinking that translates into the look. Certain of a designer's pieces may exaggerate this in order to get the point across.

Also, the photos really don't do the show justice. You get none of the music, none of the ambience, none of the audience reaction. Some day I'd like to go to a Balenciaga runway show, but I have the feeling I would never EVER qualify to score a seat.

I will tell you that, looking at the photos of the Viktor & Rolf Fall 2010 collection, I get the "badass" black leather attitude. I love me some biker bully chic, honestly. But there were a couple of their pieces that I really, REALLY don't get.

I put them together in a composite:

Several designers have done the leotard with boots look... you know, where it looks like she's wearing no pants? I do not like that look, regardless. I don't think it translates to "badass." I think it looks as if she couldn't decide whether she wanted to go to the pool or the office and now suffers a bad commingling of the two.

The big furry behemoth look? Or the fullback rain poncho look? Nope. Doesn't say "badass." Looks like a cartoon. Maybe that's what V&R wanted, I don't know. Again, I know that they're not meant to actually be worn off the rack; they're exaggerations which should translate into themes across the fashion universe next season.

The weird Cardassian clothing, though? I will say that if I ever met someone wearing the coat in the middle on the bottom row, I'd probably run screaming. The similarly-themed dress, on the right on the top row, gives off more of a steampunk sex-kitten vibe. For me, they distracted from the theme rather than added to it.

The one on the bottom right is the only one I'd consider wearing of any of the ones I pictured. I do dig the all-black or mostly-black look, and I like the narrow-legged image with boots (ankle-height or knee-height, both make me happy), and I like the leathery, zippery look. Except for the weird distracting ones, I like V&R's Fall 2010 collection.

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