Saturday, March 06, 2010

She got the looks AND the brains

I've always teased my little sister by telling her that she got the looks in the family while I got the brains. It's actually not true... she got the brains, too. I know this because she passed 'em on to her kid, who's freaky-smart:

Little punk is one and a half years old and can name all the letters on her wooden blocks. I'm serious. Forget that old saying about "walk at one, talk at two." Doesn't apply.

The kids and I went down to Mom's this evening to see my AuntyLea, who's visiting from Okrahoma. She's quite literally one of the sweetest, kindest-hearted people you could ever hope to meet. And she plays the piano! I like to think I inherited that aptitude from her:

Pop's still really, really weak, but he seemed a little better tonight than the last time I was with him. He'll be visiting with a hepatologist on Monday to map out a plan to combat the cirrhosis. It's funny; you always assume that people with cirrhosis are lifelong alcoholics, but that's just not the case with my daddy. He doesn't drink at all, actually. But I think that his liver was already sort-of sensitive from him having been overweight for so many years, and when the chemo-assault came down, it finally did the deed.

I am grateful to still have him with us, though. I told him he could have part of MY liver if he needed it. :)

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