Thursday, March 11, 2010

Being Jane Lynch

Tomorrow's the Big Day... when I find out just exactly who's going to be on the Varsity and JV cheer squads next year. It's TRYOUTS DAY.


I've been mostly wrapped up with cheer stuff this week, in preparation for tomorrow, and also in preparation for Spring Break, which is NEXT WEEK.

Do you KNOW how badly I need this break? I'm currently nursing a nasty spring cold which is coinciding with hormonal issues to produce a particularly crabby demeanor. My patience, and my level of creativity, are at an ebb.

Since tomorrow's TRYOUT DAY, they've gotten a substitute teacher for my classes so I can be involved in all the festivities unhindered by actual class stuff. I usually just show a movie on days when there's a substitute, because it's really difficult for a sub in Art class to maintain equipment and know how things work. Tomorrow I think I'll do Roger Rabbit... it's fun and entertaining, but it's got a major artistry angle because of the skillful combination of animation with live action.

Or maybe I'll run another Miyazaki goodie. I just got Ponyo in the mail the other day. I'm kind-of loathe to run it when I'm not there, though. I want to watch it all day long with the kids! I love Hayao Miyazaki's movies. I think my favorite is probably Princess Mononoke, although Howl's Moving Castle is a close second and sometimes takes over first place when I'm in a certain kind of mood.

Ah-choo. [sniff]

I feel totally and completely crappy. Thank God it's Friday tomorrow and I can wear casual stuff, although this school year hasn't been as uptight with staff dress code as I've experienced in other years or in other places.

Ah-choo. [sniff]

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