Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I've been told that I was pale, but this is ridiculous

Japanese develop see-through fish
First came see-through frogs. Now Japanese researchers have succeeded in producing goldfish whose beating hearts can be seen through translucent scales and skin.

The transparent creatures are part of efforts to reduce the need for dissections, which have become increasingly controversial, particularly in schools.

"You can see a live heart and other organs because the scales and skin have no pigments," said Yutaka Tamaru, an associate professor in the department of life science at Mie University.

I totally want one of these. I love fancy goldfish anyway; I used to keep a couple of spectacular lionhead orandas that just made me happy. I hope to keep some specimen goldfish again someday. One of these nifty little guys would make a great addition to an aquarium.

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