Thursday, August 20, 2009


I am pretty seriously thinking of going Halle-Berry or Victoria-Beckham short with my hairstyle. I've always been afraid to go super-short because I (1)didn't want to look like a man and (2)felt that it would look unbalanced because of my weight issues.

Now that the weight issues aren't there, I'm giving it some consideration.

But the whole looking-like-a-man thing, I'm still a little worried about that. I've met some pretty seriously butchy women and absolutely do NOT want to go down THAT road. I'm a girl... I like being a girl... I like looking like a girl. But Halle and Posh don't look at all butchy.

Therein lies the problem: Halle and Posh have figures (bought and well-paid for, but figures nonetheless). I got no boobs and no acetol.

I guess I'll keep my hair a little longer for a little longer. Until I muster up the courage, that is. I really want to do it. And hair does grow; if I hate it, it will grow out eventually and I won't have to live with it.

Decisions. [sigh]

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