Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chalkboards and other stuff

Okay, chalkboards aren't a worthless waste of space for EVERYONE... but for my high school art class, they are. If I were teaching algebra, I'd have something different to say about them.

Once again, it is hotter than a fur coat in Marfa. I did take a very brief nap when I got home from school this afternoon, and when I got up, the refrigerator and freezer door were standing open. Martha was lounging on the couch, watching television. She had gotten some leftover spaghetti out of the fridge and then just walked away from all of it, sitting out, wide open. For how long, I have no way of knowing. The stuff in the freezer hadn't thawed out yet, thank God.

I thought I was going to come unhinged. I didn't, but it was perilously close.

No, I made her come into the kitchen and close them, and then I made her leave the room because I knew that if I could still see her, I'd get even more upset. She huffed and slammed doors as if she had no earthly idea why I was ticked off.

Rick just texted me from the hospital; Alice has napped and dozed all day and so is wide awake now. I texted him back: "At least you get to sleep in air-conditioning." Yeah, we got a nice new window unit donated to us. Has he installed it? Pshyeah, right.

I'm a little grumpy tonight, in case you missed it.

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