Monday, August 10, 2009

Foodie stuff

I went to Sam's Club a little earlier to pick up my very favorite pita chips:

pix 004

These have become my favorite substitute for corn chips or potato chips. These have no hidden "food starch" or "corn syrup" or any of those super-secret additive things that turn my GI tract inside out. They're tasty and they're not so brittle that they fall apart when I dip them into my homemade hummus.

pix 005

I lurve them.

So I'm walking by the cheese case at Sam's, on my way back to where my beloved pita chips live, when I spot something I also lurve very, very much.

Manchego cheese. Truly wonderful stuff.

So you know I had to have a nice wedge of that.

And that's what I'm having for supper tonight. Pita chips and slices of Manchego.

And now for the bad news. Our refrigerator is going out. [sigh] And Rick still doesn't have a job. [double sigh]

Never ends, does it?

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