Sunday, August 09, 2009

Babies and other cute stuff

After dealing with the aftermath of death (see previous post), we switched to taking a peek at some new life.

Melanie took me out to see their babies.

pix 046

So cute!!! Shy, but hugely curious. If you squat down (which makes a great photo angle) and turn your back to do something else, they'll come up to check you out.

pix 063

This little guy is going prematurely gray. Okay, it's not premature. It's just that he's really a grey. Grey horses aren't born grey, they are born black or brown or bay or sorrel and then they start turning grey. Cool, huh?

pix 080

Red Dun Girl back there is tasting a stick. Even horse babies put stuff in their mouths to check it out. RDG is a pretty little thing with these cool zebra-stripey knees and hocks (it's hard to tell in these photos, but trust me -- it's a cool effect).

pix 086

And this is Belle. We're not sure how old Belle is, but Jeff says he's pretty sure she was the one who toted Mary to Bethlehem.

She looks disdainfully at me. "Honey, at my age, I don't care what my ankles look like."

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