Sunday, August 09, 2009

Diggin' up bones!!

Well, okay, I didn't actually dig them up. But bones? I haz dem.

pix 010

While I was gone last Sunday, Rick happened to mention to some farm/ranch folks at church that I was looking for some cow bones to use as models in my art classes.

Ask and ye shall receive!!

Melanie told him that there was an old cow carcass on some land near their house and that she was sure it would be fine for me to go out and poke through it to pick up anything I'd like. It had been there for about a year, she thought, and should be pretty dried-up and dessicated.

So today after church, I drove out to their house and we hopped onto the four-wheeler to go check out said carcass. She brought along some tools to help dismantle it.

pix 016

Melanie and her husband Jeff are some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Can you imagine somebody willingly handling a bunch of stinky old bones? But she was tickled that I was so thrilled to be getting them.

We bundled up most of the bones into trash bags and now they're sitting in my backyard. I'm probably going to soak them in some water to help loosen the hide that's totally dried and stuck to one side of the skull, and to help get the spiderwebs and other debris off. Otherwise, they're in spectacular shape and will be a huge asset to my art classes.

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