Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just one more thing...

Any trip down through the Hill Country would be sadly incomplete without a visit to the lovely city of Marble Falls, Texas... and specifically, a meal at the Blue Bonnet Cafe:

pix 099

One of their signature dishes is their spinach salad with bacon dressing, which I partook of:

pix 102

I *might* have licked my plate clean.

Okay, I didn't, because I didn't want to embarrass my mother and my children. But I thought long and hard about it. That bacon dressing should be illegal.

But no meal at the Blue Bonnet Cafe is complete without their REAL signature dish:

pix 103

NO, not the babe. That's Kathryn, our waitress. I'm talking about the stuff she's holding.

That would be PIE.

Can you really go wrong with pie?

I had pecan pie, because as my mother so aptly put it many years ago, you just can't possibly eat enough pecan pie in your lifetime.

Isaac had the peanut butter pie, which he declared to be AWESOME. I think he really DID lick that clean when we weren't looking.

Mom and Alice had the chocolate meringue pie. It was so good, she said, it reminded her of something her sister (my AuntyOH) once said -- it was so good you just wanted to roll in it.

I have to agree. It was pretty darn good. Too good to miss, that's what.

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