Friday, July 17, 2009

I need your help

UPDATE BELOW. I know, I'm sorry -- it's a lot of inside-baseball stuff. If you're just not that into plant identification, just ignore this post.

Being an amateur naturalist-type person, I like to know the names of the plants and animals that I encounter. I've been able to identify just about all the pretty tropical flowers I saw in the Hill Country... except this one:

pix 107

pix 106

pix 105

pix 104

pix 088

pix 087

If anyone dropping by here knows even just a common name for this lovely (and fairly common) flower, please let me know in the comments section of this post. Or just e-mail me.

UPDATE: I am thinking that it might be a Royal Poinciana, or a Delonix regia. Or the "gulmohar." Usually the flame-tree grows much larger, but I maybe this is what they look like when they're small? Maybe. I dunno. Anyhoo, I saw lots of the big version of these when I was in Haiti, but these are so much smaller that I didn't recognize it. I can't say that for sure, because a lot of the photos of Delonix regia that I'm finding on the internet don't really look just like this.

Again, if anyone can confirm, please do. The Royal Poinciana flowers seem much larger than these photos, and I can't find pictures of anything else in the Delonix genus.

SECOND UPDATE: Maggiekatzen's dad has come through for me. This critter is a Caesalpinia pulcherrima, or a Dwarf Poinciana. Yay!! I like knowing what a thing is.

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