Thursday, July 16, 2009

Road trip (last post, I promise)

After we went through the Alamo, we walked a few blocks over and descended the steps into another world: the Riverwalk.

pix 051

pix 052

It really is like a cool(er) oasis down there... great shops and restaurants, a fun boat ride, beautiful flora and even a few fauna.

pix 077

pix 060
Poison Bulb (Crinum asiaticum)

pix 104
Some kind of Poinciana, perhaps? I still haven't positively identified this lovely flower, but I *think* it might be a "flamboyant", also known as a Flame-Tree or a Royal Poinciana.

pix 102
A tamarind tree (Tamarindus indica)! There are gazillions of them there. I love tamarind-flavored stuff.

pix 085
WTF? It's a funky heron that migrates in and out of the Riverwalk. It's called a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron, I believe.

The river is full of mallard ducks as well... and while we were noshing on some ice cream after our riverboat tour, we were even treated to some duck porn. No, I did NOT photograph THAT.

On Wednesday morning we got out on the road and took Highway 16 to Kerrville. It was marked on the map as a Scenic Route, and they weren't kidding.

pix 013

pix 004
This flower is called Skeleton Weed (Lygodesmia taxana). No clue why, but it was pretty, and the honeybees were after it pretty thickly.

pix 032
I swear, this really IS in Texas... a river lined with cypress trees! I KNOW! But it's true. The water is (I'm pretty sure) spring-fed, because it was crystal-clear and gorgeous. This is the Medina River near Bandera, Texas.

pix 035
This little critter is an epiphytic plant called a Ball Moss (Tillandsia recurvata). It isn't really a moss at all, but is a bromeliad. A lot of people think it's killing all the trees, but everything I have been reading about it says it really doesn't kill the trees at all, it just piggybacks on the parts of trees that are already dead anyway. It sure does LOOK like it's killing trees, though:

pix 038
Actually, it resembles nothing so much as Tribbles.

pix 027
My mom, coaxing a doodlebug (Glenurus gratus) out of its lair.

pix 057

pix 055
Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas... Willie and Waylon and the boys... (everybody sing along, now)

pix 064

It was a very pleasant trip. I don't mind heat; I'd rather be hot than cold any day. And I got to see stuff I've never seen before. I can now cross a few more items off my "Bucket List" like seeing the bats, touring the Hill Country, and watching duck porn on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Life's good, ain't it?

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