Sunday, June 28, 2009


For supper tonight, I had bought a loaf of ciabatta bread from Wal-Mart's bakery, and I sliced it up and everyone dipped the slices in olive oil, kosher salt, cracked black pepper and garlic. It was a huge hit, and it's a nice light thing to enjoy when it's hot. I also made some Hamburger Helper and stirred some frozen spinach into it for a little vitamin boost.

I always make two boxes of HH for this bunch, but I still only use one pound of ground beef just to save a little $$ and stretch the budget. Nobody seems to be bothered by it. And they love the spinach add-in.

The kids are earning extra $$ by helping clean out my classroom at school. It looks like the maintenance personnel at school really ARE going to rip out the vile carpet in that room, but they can't do it until I get my crap out of the way. I am praying -- fervently -- that they don't replace the carpet with MORE disgusting carpet. An art room should NOT be carpeted. Heck, rip out the carpet and leave the bare cement floor, and I'd be much happier. Put in a sink and some countertops and cabinets and I will think I died and am now in heaven. THAT won't happen.

What I'd really like would be if they'd put a double portable building behind the school where I could have the art studio self-contained. That won't happen, either.

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