Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aim for them, peeps -- aim for them!

Road closed after driver rolls over to avoid a squirrel

WALL — A 21-year-old Howell resident was uninjured Thursday when his pickup truck rolled on its side after he swerved to avoid a squirrel, Wall police said.

Efrain Morales was the sole occupant of his 202 Chevrolet pickup when he was traveling along Allenwood Lakewood Road toward Howell. When he swerved to avoid the squirrel, his truck struck a utility pole, snapping it in half.

You can save a lot of expense fixing (or even replacing) your vehicle and you can spare a lot of people the irritation (and perhaps even personal danger) of losing electrical power to their homes by AIMING for them instead of SWERVING from them.

When you swerve, the terizt skwerls win.

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