Thursday, May 21, 2009

Again with the Superman thing...

Superman!, originally uploaded by gradualdazzle.

You may get the impression I got a thing for Superman. Well, I definitely had a thing for Chris Reeve's version of Superman... whadda hunk. Yeah, I think I might love Superman.

Any-hoo, whilst I was at Six Flags this past Monday, I found myself standing at one particular spot where I could see the tippy-top of the Superman ride (one of those tower thingys that has chairs on all the sides that shoots you straight up the tower and then lets you fall back down) right through the arch of the bungee-cord ride. I thought it was kind-of a neat visual effect, so I took the picture.

On a similar subject, a little while back I purchased the original movie score to Superman on iTunes. It is truly spectacular, I must say. During art projects at school I like to play music, and it's better if the music is inspiring but not distracting. I have found that movie scores, particularly instrumental stuff, fit that bill very nicely. And John Williams' work on the Superman movie was truly awesome, in the original and accurate sense of that word. I love listening to that soundtrack, even in the car by myself while I'm traveling somewhere.

Six Flags has a superhero theme to many of its rides, and a LooneyTunes theme to most of the other ones. My favorite ride at Six Flags currently is the Batman, which is one of the coasters that dangles you from above rather than strapping you into a seat. It definitely swirls you around at mind-numbing speeds, but does so in a way that does not then require you to visit your chiropractor afterward. I also rode the Titan, which is a Seriously Humongous Coaster that goes up so high I think I might've gotten a nosebleed at the top of that first hill. Dang, Gina. But I'd ride it again. Oh, yes, I would.

One of the very neatest things about my Six Flags experience this year is that I DID NOT FIND MYSELF GASPING FOR BREATH BECAUSE OF ALL THE WALKING. I am in terrific shape for maybe the first time in my adult life, and it makes the amusement park experience a really fun one, even for an old lady such as myself who refuses to ride things that spin or rock endlessly. I'm ready to go back, to be honest. Tomorrow, even. But then I'd miss work, and I don't wanna do that, because the yearbook MUST GET DONE.

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