Thursday, May 21, 2009

Umm... it ain't just speed, dudes. I'm just sayin'.

Police launch I-35 enforcement campaign
The stretch of I-35E being targeted runs from Corinth north to the I-35 east-west split in Denton. It is a dangerous highway — 125 accidents happened along this section last June, July and August. Most crashes were the result of speeding, driver inattention and aggressive driving.

Hey, guys. I'd just like to mention that Denton's microscopic acceleration ramps MIGHT be part of the problem as well as speedy folks. I don't speed through Denton because it's just too dadgum dangerous. If you try to merge onto I-35 while you're in Denton, you're literally taking your life in your hands because the acceleration ramps (without exception, I've found) are about ten feet long. I wish I were exaggerating. Who can dash in between all the semis running sixty-five mph with no acceleration room to do so? I worry to death about my elderly grandparents when they come visit my parents and have to drive on the freeway in Denton.

Interstate 35 through Denton needs a complete overhaul, I'm not gonna lie. It'll probably be even more of a pain-in-the-arse than the interminable 75 project a few miles to the east of us. But it really really really needs to be done. Needed to be done ten years ago, actually. But better late than never.

Do it, guys. Just do it.

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