Saturday, March 28, 2009


Woke up this morning and let the animals out back for their morning bathroom break, and was stunned to see SNOW on the back deck. This isn't supposed to happen after Spring Break, is it? I should lodge a complaint with the department in charge of such things.

Yes, the moisture is a welcome thing, but does it have to be frozen?

I'm just askin'.

Today I will be out of pocket most of the day. This morning I get a haircut (had to forego the color job this time around, no money) and this afternoon I am going up to Okra-Homa for a wedding of a distant relative-of-a-relative who might as well be an actual relative because I've known her my whole life and thought of her as an Aunty. Any-hoo, her husband of many years passed away a while back and she is getting re-married, so lots of The Fam is coming together to celebrate with her.

The roads are clear down thisaway, and I don't expect the Okra-Homa section to be a problem by this afternoon when I'm up thataway.

Can you tell I've been listening to a Jerry Clower CD? heh

"One of us has got to have some relief!" Yeah, that Jerry Clower. What a delightful man he was. My kids absolutely collapse in fits of laughter in the back seat of the van when we play his CD.

Oh... and by the way... BOOMER SOONER!! Elite Eight, here we come!!

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