Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photo goodness

When I do portrait photography, I generally upload the finished products to Wal-Mart's photo center web site and have them print me up a set. I can print my own, and I can share each album with the subject of the album's photos so they can print however many they want of each pose. It makes my life easier; I don't really have a way to professionally print the photos, and I honestly have been delighted with the photos my local Wal-Mart has printed for me.

Yesterday I uploaded all the retouched and tweaked photos of the girls that I took while in Des Moines and had Wal-Mart print a copy of each for my own collection of samples.

When I went in yesterday afternoon to pick up the photos I ordered, the lady behind the counter looked at me sternly.

"Who took these photos?" she demanded.

I looked at her blankly. "I did," I said... and then I realized what was going on. She thought I was stealing someone's professional portrait photography! Ha!

She then smiled and said, "Oh, good. We have to be sure. And we are going to need you to sign this waiver saying the photos are yours. They're beautiful, by the way," she gushed.


I'm compiling all the photos into basic scrapbooks (not the tarted-up kind, just the photos mounted plainly on 12x12 pages and bound into a book with no journaling or identifying information) so that when someone wants to have me do their senior pictures, I will have something to show them.

I'm getting quicker at operating the GIMP features that I like best, such as achieving a sepia-tone and bumping up the subjects' eyes.

Today I contacted a local auto salvage yard for permission to do photography from the old cars. Keep your fingers crossed that they allow us to photograph; this place has some nifty jalopies that will make some spiffy backgrounds and surrounds for cool photos.

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