Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday evening ponderings...

I hope all my indulgent pictures of yard flora aren't causing too much honk-shoo yawning and snoring. I just can't get enough of this CAMERA! Aunty Ada, I'd be more than delighted to get togedder witcha and show you how I perform my camera voodoo. Hint: Good Software Covers A Multitude Of Sins. A good lens is even better. I'm using a Nikkor 18-200mm.

I am beginning to feel better! Really! This is the first evening I haven't felt trembly and fevery in at least a couple of weeks. I guess Levaquin really is the good stuff, eh? Remembering how I felt back a few years ago when I had pneumonia, I'd be willing to lay odds that's what I had succumbed to this time around too. No official diagnosis, but the pieces fit the pattern. I remember that day back in Iowa, the day that I had to sing and play the piano at Bernice Blake's funeral (for those of you who remember her -- I always will!)... I could barely sing, but I managed to make it through despite it being the most emotionally gut-wrenching funeral I have EVER been to in my LIFE, and despite feeling like roadkill... and we all piled into someone's vehicle afterwards and they all took me straight to the emergency room at Iowa Methodist Medical Center. Diagnosis: pneumonia.

And now for something completely different.

We had a family meeting tonight... we've had to have several of those in the past few weeks, but I suppose they're beneficial. Anyway, we're doling out jobs that these layabout kids don't seem to have a clue about but that they are about to start doing. Daily. Without complaining.

Stop laughing. We really mean it. [stern facial expression]

How is it that children can suddenly become so (1)pathetic and/or (2)smartassy when asked to complete a task? And how is it that I don't just haul off and smack them? These are the questions I ponder on Sunday evenings...

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