Monday, February 16, 2009

NY Fashion Week

It's time for the Fall 2009 collections to get trotted out onto the runways in NYC. This year's horror of horrors?

The loathsome 80s stand-bys were to be found all through the Herve Leger collection, above, and the Jonathan Saunders collection:

The Diane von Furstenberg collection looked like a lot of very tall, leggy bag ladies wearing their wadded-up laundry on their heads:

Donna Karan was a bit classier, with some lovely Audrey Hepburn-esque selections like this one:

I absolutely love the fur cowl thing that she put on a lot of her outfits, and many of them even used the elegant black arm-length gloves and black leggings with black boots that just make anyone look very classy. But even DKNY wasn't immune to the horror of the SHOULDER PADS:

Subtle shoulder pads, to be sure, but they're there. Oh, yes, they're there. And is that a JUMPER? Is the "Homeschool Mom" uniform coming into vogue? I love the close-fitting long-sleeved shirt look underneath many of the DKNY collection pieces. Probably because that's how I have to roll these days since I don't have bare arms that can be seen in public.

Nonetheless, I thought I'd sound the warning: Run screaming from the room, y'all. The shoulder pad is coming back.

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