Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Visit From The PurpleFishGuts Family!!

We got to visit with BlueFish and RedFish twice this week; once on their way down to the family wedding, and once on their way back. There are definite advantages to living right on Interstate 35!!

It was absolutely delightful to spend time with them. I grieved hard to see them go, too... I tried to make it as difficult as possible to leave, though. I made eggs & bacon & toast for breakfast and let them watch all the HGTV they wanted to.

In the end, though, they did head back north. Red said it was just as well that it had gotten cold again this morning, because if it had been as warm as it was yesterday (80 degrees! Notice the girls' shorts in the picture above!), it would've been MUCH harder to leave. I think, though, that their allergies were giving them severe fits. Probably didn't help that we have a dog and a cat and an ancient house full of who-knows-what!

Blue informed me that I'm "in the band" though -- he and another guy I know are part of a band, and they don't have a keyboard player. Unfortunately I had to remind him that the commute would be prohibitive, but he didn't seem to be bothered by that minor detail. "Just give us a little lead time when you're on your way up here and we'll set up a gig or a jam session."


I miss playing. I had gotten so spoiled, living in Des Moines and having so many musical connections.

Actually, I just miss having so many CONNECTIONS, musical or not. It was deeply satisfying to hug Red & Blue again and listen to their kids and my kids squealing and playing throughout the house.

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