Monday, January 05, 2009

A real-life Cinderella?

From sifting through bins to the catwalk: The poverty-stricken teenager poised to become a top fashion model

Stunning Daniela Cott, 16, is tipped for super stardom after being signed up by the world's biggest modelling agency Elite.

Daniela, who stands 5ft 10ins tall and has emerald green eyes, was spotted two years ago as she sifted through rubbish on the streets of Buenos Aires.

She and her family were among 10,000 'cartoneros' who survive in the city by selling scraps of cardboard and used cans and bottles to recycling plants.

But the youngster's life was transformed overnight in 2005 when necklace designer Marina Gonzalez spotted her going through a bin in the fashionable Palermo district of the city.

Ms Gonzalez noticed her natural beauty through her rags and tangled hair and told her: 'You should be a model'.

She even had to undergo treatment on her hands because they were covered with calluses, cuts and scars. When she got her very first paycheck, she took her family to an all-you-can-eat buffet to celebrate.

I wish her all the success she can manage. You go, girl!

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