Thursday, January 08, 2009

Oh, for Pete's sake... really?

Touch-screen gadgets alienate blind

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The craze for touch-screen gadgets, sparked by Apple Inc's popular iPhone, is raising worries that a whole generation of consumer electronics will be out of the reach of the blind.

Motown icon Stevie Wonder and other advocates came to the world's biggest gadget fest, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, to convince vendors to consider the needs of the blind.

Wonder told a CES event that his wishlist included a car he could drive -- which he acknowledged was probably "a ways away" -- and a Sirius XM satellite radio he could operate.

"If you can take those few steps further, you can give us the excitement, the pleasure and the freedom of being a part of it," said the famed musician.

Oh, and the money quote came almost at the end of the piece:

"I think in general there may be a view that accessibility may be becoming the new green," said [Mike] Starling [chief technology officer of National Public Radio].

Oh, criminy... must everything in this world be offensive to SOME minority group SOMEWHERE? Puh-leeze. So use a Blackberry instead of an iPhone, buddy-boy. Grow up and forget about all the stuff you don't get to participate in. I don't get to enjoy playing basketball, either. Should I pitch a fit because it isn't accessible to homely, freckly middle-aged girls with arthritic knees?

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