Sunday, January 18, 2009


PBS is going to start showing an updated Electric Company program!!!

The Sesame Workshop, the company behind PBS’ “Sesame Street,” is bringing back its 1970s staple “The Electric Company.” The series, targeted for children ages 6-9, promotes literacy and aims to interest viewers in the joy of reading.


“Our goal with ‘The Electric Company’ is to reach the kids who are struggling, and who might think that reading isn’t cool or isn’t useful,” said Scott Cameron, director of education and research for Sesame Workshop. “We hope to do that by creating compelling and high-quality television, Web and outreach materials.”

COOL! I absolutely ADORED that show... especially Rita Moreno and Morgan Freeman. I was a good reader already, but I was the perfect age when that show was on, and it reinforced everything I had learned from my mom and from school.

I hear tell that DVDs of the original series are available. I'm going to have to invest in THAT. I think Alice would really benefit from watching that show. Martha would, too, but she wouldn't watch it.

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