Monday, September 08, 2008

Tara Bites

Well, actually, there's only one TaraBite... or is it terabyte? I forget. Anyhoo, we bought a LaCie mass storage device on Woot some time back and it is supposed to be able to store a whole terabyte of stuff. W00t w00t!! Even as I blog at this moment, I am transferring all my music and photos over to Tara. I'm hoping that I'll be able to free up a LOT of space on my laptop that is making it run kinda slow.

UPDATE: Can someone explain to me why iTunes won't access my library on the LaCie? I have changed the Preferences setting to look for my library there instead of on my laptop's hard drive, but it does nothing.

I used to like iTunes, but I've become less and less enamored with it of late. I had to look elsewhere to find the seventh Potter audiobook even though it had been available on the open market for a year. And now I find its interface confining and even a bit insulting.

If anyone can 'splain to me what I can do to fix this, I'd sure 'preciate it.

UPDATE: I love my readers! I received an e-mail from BlogDog with this extremely helpful web page, which got me started on the right track. Then I read the comment from MaggieKatzen about dragging the library into iTunes to help it recognize the library. Without these two very helpful friends, I would not have succeeded -- but I did! And it's working beautifully.

Thank you!!!!!!!

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