Saturday, September 06, 2008

Big Fun in Ballyhoo

Martha with one of her pals from school.

What To Wear To A Monster Truck Bash: Heels, Daisy-Duke shorts and an off-the-shoulder t-shirt.

I think I was not dressed properly for this event... I was wearing my OU t-shirt (which I wear every Saturday in the fall).

Infant Fashion Tip: Diaper, socks, and a mohawk haircut. Tres chic.

YeeHAAAAWWW!!! It's Monster Truck Time!!!

Here's a brief video of some of the Monster Truck Action. The building in the background is the Ballyhoo Elementary School. You'll hear Isaac in the background as well as a few of my students:

Does this officially make me a redneck now?

This event was sponsored by all the local churches. The driver of the Monster Truck told his life story after the festivities. Prior to the Smashing of the Junk Cars By The Monster Truck, we were regaled by live worship music -- every single song exactly the same as the ones we did back in the Soulfire days. [sigh] We thought we were so edgy and out-there.

I guess, however, that this qualifies as "speaking the local language" in a way. No-one would come to a symphony performance here, but line up the Monster Truck Guy and give away free hotdogs and the whole town (plus all the even smaller communities nearby) will show up. It's what works here, so we went and participated and enjoyed ourselves.

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