Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I have to admit... I *almost* felt bad...

Really, I did.

I was coming around a bend in the road out in the middle of nowhere, a couple of days ago, and a pair of pigeons were RIGHT THERE on the edge of my lane.

Pigeons! What the heck are pigeons doing out here anyway? They don't give out freebie food in these parts. The stupid birds were even right in the same spot where I saw the bobcat kitten a few weeks ago.

I didn't make a concerted effort to steer away from them, assuming they'd take flight.

Well, they didn't.

The soft thump stunned me. I quickly looked into the rear-view mirror. I swear it looked like there'd been a massive pillow-fight behind me. I've never seen so many feathers exploding in a cloud. POOF! It was like there were no bodies there, just a gazillion feathers.

It's not like they're endangered or anything. They're annoying pests not unlike skwerls in the Big City, right?

My major confession here isn't so much that I killed a couple of stupid brainless pigeons.

It's that I haven't been able to stop laughing every time I remember the gigantic POOF of feathers in my rear-view mirror.

And get this... I almost immediately considered pulling over and collecting the now-tenderized pigeon carcasses and taking them home for supper, thereby fulfilling one of the Hundred Things You Should Eat Before You Die. Hey, it WAS road-kill. And I knew it was quite fresh.

But I decided it wouldn't have been prudent, since that particular bend in the road didn't have a clear line of sight for oncoming cars.

I feel better now, having confessed.

Too bad they weren't REAL skwerls, though.

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